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Dedicated to breeding
"Manz Best Friend"
We have a small but select band of outstanding broodmares that we breed to the best stallions in the world.  Mares and stallions are choosen based on athletic ability,  beauty, and disposition.  We demand a pedigree that demonstrates generations of performance ability.  All colts will be for sale as well as most fillies.  We may retain some key fillies to produce the next generation.
We place a strong emphasis on horses that have a sensitive but sensible disposition. A sound mind and body are critical for our horses.
We have an excellent team of partners to ensure all our horses are treated as individuals and receive excellent care resulting in strong, healthy foals able to reach their genetic potential.
Manz Dressage Horses LLC is dedicated to breeding and raising quality dressage horses suitable for the discerning amateur rider.

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Our Philosophy - The Mares
Outstanding Mares
Excellent mares are the key to our breeding program.  We want mares that not only contribute excellent genetic potential but also raise their foals in a nurturing manner.
All our mares are beautiful, top athletes, with strong pedigrees.  Above all, they have excellent dispositions.  See the "mares" page for more details. 
Our mare, Valkyrie (Ferro x Idocus) is an example.  She has had two wonderful colts for us.  See Jameson and Knightengale.

<<  Valkyrie (Olympic Ferro x Olympic Idocus)  >>

<<  Rockette (Idocus x Rantares)
SPS Portia (Prado x Sandro Hit)  >>
Our Philosophy
Breeding, Raising, and Training
We have built a strong team of talented professionals to breed, raise, and train our horses.  This ensures the right expertise for our specific needs.  Health and soundness are a given for all our horses.  Environment, nutrition, exercise, and training are a critical element of our program. See the "about" page for more details. 

Jameson (Rubignon x Ferro) is enjoying a romp in the pasture at Dove Hill Farm and Reproduction.
Portia and Valkyrie are enjoing a lovely fall day at Hilltop Farm in Colora, Maryland .